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Welcome to Powerof2 Training.

Mobile Personal Training Service. All equipment supplied.
South Auckland / Auckland Region.
*small mileage charge may apply




Exercise is good for us.
The physical and mental benefits are numerous and well documented.

In New Zealand, it seems we have a growing “fitness culture”. Everywhere we go there are people out running, cycling or walking, going to the gym, zumba or participating in some kind of sport.

Powerof2 Personal Training caters specifically (but not exclusively) to newbies or reluctant exercisers – if you think something like this:

*Activity is NOT for me
*I wouldn’t know where to start or what to do
*I don’t have the motivation to maintain a lifestyle that includes regular exercise
*I’ve tried it before and it didn’t work
*I feel too fat / too ugly / too much of a failure / in too much of a rut to ever start
*I could NEVER EVER set foot in a gym
*There’s a lot of conflicting fitness advice out there. What’s right for ME?
*I know I really ought to do something to improve my fitness ………. but what????
*I’ve got high blood pressure or other health related issues – exercise is supposed to help – but how?


Then the good news is that Powerof2 Training is all about YOU, I am all about helping YOU, empowering, encouraging and supporting YOU.

Give me a call or text on 027 2380513 to arrange a time for an obligation free chat.

Following on from there, we do a consultation and assessment, including a detailed assessment of your goals, current state of fitness and general health status.

Using this as a starting point, I then formulate an exercise plan and program specifically tailored to your needs, and gives you whatever support you need to ensure you stay on track.
At our sessions I work alongside you and coach you to ensure your exercise technique is safe and effective.

With the Powerof2 you can succeed - the cycle of frustration and de-motivation no longer has to be a way of life.


I promise.
Call me for more information.
Debbie 027 238 0513


This site is a work in progress, please check back often