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Personal Fitness Trainer

First and foremost: what benefit is there in using a Personal Trainer – especially for a beginner?



Really good question – and it deserves a good answer.
So here’s some food for thought:

If you’re considering making a change and incorporating exercise into your life GOOD ON YOU!
What is your reason for coming to this decision?

Directly related to this reason, there will be a goal - your desired outcome.
You will most likely have reached some kind of ‘tipping point’ either physically, mentally or emotionally to bring you to this decision. This process is perfectly normal and natural, and part of how we grow and develop as people.

It’s the sequence of events from this point on that will influence success or failure, and this is where help from a Personal Trainer can be invaluable to get you started in the right way.

*Is your goal specific – or is it general?
*Is there a plan in place to achieve your goal – or is it a bit vague and fuzzy when it comes to specifics and details?
*How will you know when you’ve achieved it?

*Is the plan tailored to meet your needs or is something perhaps off the net that has worked for
someone else – or maybe a generic program from the gym?
*If there are concrete goals and a solid plan – GOOD ON YOU! do you have the knowledge you need to implement your plan safely and successfully?

*Can you sustain the motivation needed – not just to get started – but to maintain your regime?
*Is there a plan in case it doesn’t work the way you thought it would?
*Do you know how to add challenge to bring about change?

*Do you have support in place for when the going gets tough – or you hit an obstacle?
*If you’re joining a gym GOOD ON YOU – but do you know what questions to ask before you
commit – and do you know what kind of support will be provided for you once you join?

A Personal Trainer is qualified and trained to do a thorough assessment and consultation not only in relation to your goals, but encompassing your health and fitness background, current fitness status, and to formulate a personalised exercise plan and program that will help move you forward towards your goals.

Power of2 Training is all about Encouragement, Empowerment and Support for the client.
The aim is not just about making exercise as enjoyable as possible, but to empower clients with knowledge and understanding, and provide as much support as they need throughout the process.

PRICING OPTIONS: Exercise sessions are affordably priced, a range of session options to suit individual needs are available. If your preferred option is not listed or a package deal interests you PLEASE ASK