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My name is Debbie Jackson.
I am a qualified personal trainer and an advocate for the benefits of exercise.
Seeing people’s lives transformed by including exercise as part of their lives is what motivates and inspires me.

Benefits to an exercise regime are many and varied:

*Weight reduction and management
*Increased strength
*Reduced Body Fat Percentages
*Symptoms commonly dismissed as ‘ageing’ reduce or disappear
*Improved ability to handle stress both mentally and physically
*Promotes a positive mental outlook
*Promotes a feeling of well-being
*Helpful in overcoming depression symptoms
*Promotes good heart health
*High Blood Pressure reduced
*Improves sleep
*Promotes relaxation
*Reduction in adverse effects of PMS and Menopause
*Increased confidence
*Enhances cognitive abilities
*Increased bone strength and density
*Strengthens the immune system
*Promotes personal growth

In early 2011 I made the decision to gain my Fitness Consultant Level 3 and Personal Trainer Level 4 certification. I studied with NZ Institute of Health and Fitness, one of the leading and most respected fitness industry training providers in New Zealand.
In February 2012 I became certified by Thump! Boxing Systems to train boxing for fitness – which is a lot of fun!

Exercise has been a serious part of my life for many years. I enjoy running, weight training, swimming and boxing for fitness.
Professionally I have a background in Book Retail, Inventory Management and Hospitality.
I have worked as a veterinary nurse and a horse trainer, my sport of choice for many years was 3 Day Eventing

I have fought my way back to health after three serious injuries, so I have first hand experience with rehabilitation, and know what it is like to battle the odds……. And WIN!
Following my passion for exercise, after intensive study, I completed training and graduated as an exercise consultant and personal trainer, NZQA levels 3 & 4 in 2011.